CBRC Congratulates Associate Professor Xin Gao on winning the TAQADAM startup accelerator showcase at KAUST.

Oct 01 2019

TAQADAM is a Saudi Arabian university startup accelerator delivered by KAUST in partnership with SABB.


Professor Xin Gao is a co-founder of "Peregrine Genomics," a company based on a combination of computational and experimental technologies for targeted genomic sequencing. 

Out of the 18 startup finalists, from 13 Universities throughout the Kingdom, Prof. Xin Gao and co-founders had the opportunity to pitch their start-up project in the 3rd annual TAQADAM showcase, on September 26th, 2019.


Peregrine Genomics team proudly won the seed funding prize of SAR.375,000, which is a valuable asset at this stage to work towards the start-up vision.

The company's vision is to conquer the technical hurdles in genetic diagnostics and provide enabling technologies to clinicians, healthcare providers, and researchers to improve human health.


The start-up team currently consists of:

  • Co-Founders: Dr. Mo Li (BESE, KAUST) and Dr. Xin Gao (CBRC, KAUST)
  • Technology Directors: Chongwei Bi Ph.D. (BESE, KAUST), Dr. Sheng Wang, Research Scientist (CBRC, KAUST) and Dr. Renmin Han, Postdoctoral fellow (CBRC, KAUST).
  • Operations & Business Relations: Deng Luo Ph.D. (CBRC, KAUST), Samhan Alsolami Ph.D. (BESE, KAUST), and Xuan Zhou Ph.D. (BESE, KAUST)

For more information about the start-up: https://www.peregrinegenomics.com/