ML Hub Lectures: Takashi Gojobori

Feb 24 2020

​Dr. Takashi Gojobori, distinguished professor of bioscience and acting director of Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) gave a talk on Machine Learning Scan of Complete Genome Sequences of 4,500 Rice Varieties reveals Secrets in the Domestication Process of Crops.


In the history of humankind, domestication was invented as anthropogenic evolution that fulfills mankind's critical food demand. The domestication is simply based on mating processes and subsequent selection processes to pick up better hybrid offspring that have advantageous combinations of genomes. Taking advantage of machine learning classifier, we discovered a number of sub-genomic regions that have been incorporated in the rice genomes through production of hybrid offspring during domestication. This so-called "introgression" event is disclosed as an essential key of domestication process. This eventually leads to construction of the AI-aided Smart Breeding Platform to accumulate all the breeding histories of crop species into an Integrated Breeding Knowledgebase

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