Research Interests

​It is unknown how central nervous system appeared during metazoan evolution. I’m interested in the evolutionary origin of central nervous system, enteric nervous system, and autonomic nervous systems.

Selected Publications

  • Different endosymbiotic interactions in two hydra species reflect the evolutionary history of endosymbiosis
    M. Ishikawa, I. Yuyama, H. Shimizu, M. Nozawa, K. Ikeo, T. Gojobori
    Genome Biol Evol., 8(7):2155-63, (2016)
  • Two-step evolution of endosymbiosis between hydra and algae
    M. Ishikawa, H. Shimizu, M. Nozawa, K. Ikeo, T. Gojobori
    Mol Phylogenet Evol., 103:19-25, (2016)
  • Innexin gap junctions in nerve cells coordinate spontaneous contractile behavior in Hydra polyps
    Y. Takaku, J.S. Hwang, A. Wolf, A. Böttger, H. Shimizu, C.N. David, T. Gojobori
    Sci Rep., 7, 4:35-73, (2014)
  • Symbiosis between hydra and chlorella: molecular phylogenetic analysis and experimental study provide insight into ...
    H. Kawaida, K. Ohba, Y. Koutake, H. Shimizu, H., Tachida,, and Y. Kobayakawa
    Molecular Phylogenetics of Evolution 66, 906-914, (2013)
  • Subcellular localization of the epitheliopeptide
    Hym-301 in hydra. Y. Takaku, H. Shimizu, T. Takahashi, and T. Fujisawa
    Cell and Tissue Research 351, 419-424, (2013)
  • Transplantation analysis of developmental mechanisms in Hydra
    H. Shimizu
    International Journal of Developmental Biology. 56, 463-472, (2012)
  • Vette to Volt: Evolution of Cardiac System
    H. Shimizu
    International Journal of Evolution 1, 1-2, (2012)
  • Microtubules are involved in regulating body length in hydra
    Y. Takaku, H. Shimizu, and T. Fujisawa
    Developmental Biology. 350, 228-237, (2011)
  • The body plan of the cnidarian medusa: distinct differences in positional origins of polyp tentacles and medusa ten...
    H. Shimizu, and H. Namikawa
    Evolution and Development 11, 619-621, , (2009)
  • The extracellular matrix of hydra is a porous sheet and contains type IV collagen
    H. Shimizu, R. Li L. Aufschnaiter, M. P. Jr, Sarras, D. B. Borza, D. R. Abrahamson, Y. Sad...
    Zoology (Jena). 111, 410-418, (2008)

Education Profile

  • ​Ph. D., Technology, Tohoku University, 2-1-1 Sendai, Japan, 1985

Professional Profile

  • 1985-2015: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan
  • 1991-1993: Research Assistant, University of California Irvine, USA

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • Zoological Society of Japan
  • Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
  • Physiological Society of Japan