Ultrashort Peptide Theranostic Nanoparticles by Microfluidic-Assisted Rapid Solvent Exchange

Ming Ni, Guillaume Tresset, Ciprian Iliescu, Charlotte A E Hauser
IEEE Trans Nanobioscience, (2020)


Self-assembling peptides,theranostic nanoparticles,microfluidics


Ultrashort peptides (USPs), composed of three to seven amino acids, can self-assemble into nanofibers in pure water. Here, using hydrodynamic focusing and a solvent exchange method on a microfluidic setup, we convert these nanofibers into globular nanoparticles with excellent dimensional control and polydispersity. Thanks to USP nanocarriers’ structure, different drugs can be loaded. We used Curcumin as a model drug to evaluate the performance of USP nanocarriers as a novel drug delivery vehicle. These nanoparticles can efficiently cross the cell membrane and possess nonlinear optical properties. Therefore, we envisage USP nanoparticles as promising future theranostic nanocarriers.




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