Flexible and Multi-Functional Graphene Sensor Platform

Kaidarova, A., A. Almoudi, R.M. Allagani, M. Marengo, M.A. Khan, U. Buttner, C.M. Duarte, and J. Kosel.
IEEE, (2019)


Robot sensing systems, Graphene, Sensitivity, Electrodes, Conductivity, Substrates, Ocean temperature


​ This paper presents a flexible, printed and robust sensor platform for the detection of various parameters: strain, flow speed, pressure, conductivity, temperature and magnetic field. The sensors are based on Laser-Induced Graphene fabricated by laser printing on Kapton substrate. Multi-functionality is obtained by exploiting printing process combined with the flexible nature of Kapton and the piezoresistivity of Graphene. Sensor have been implemented for the detection of strain, flow speeds, forces pressure, salinity and magnetic field. Their sensitivity and dynamic range can be tailored via the substrate and laser printing design. A robust and reliable operation was obtained during underwater experiments in the Red Sea.




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