Draft Genome Sequence of Ochrobactrum intermedium Strain SA148, a Plant Growth-Promoting Desert Rhizobacterium

F.F. Lafi, I. Alam, R. Geurts, T. Bisseling, V.B. Bajic, H. Hirt, M.M. Saad
Genome Announc., volume 5, number 9, (2017)


Draft genome sequence, Ochrobactrum, intermedium Strain, SA148, Growth-Promoting, Desert, Rhizobacterium


Ochrobactrum intermedium strain SA148 is a plant growth-promoting bacterium isolated from sandy soil in the Jizan area of Saudi Arabia. Here, we report the 4.9-Mb draft genome sequence of this strain, highlighting different pathways characteristic of plant growth promotion activity and environmental adaptation of SA148.


DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01707-16


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