Draft Genome Sequence of the Plant Growth–Promoting Pseudomonas punonensis Strain D1-6 Isolated from the Desert Plant Erodium hirtum in Jordan

F.F. Lafi, M.L. AlBladi, N.M. Salem, L. Al-Banna, I. Alam, V.B. Bajic, H. Hirt, M.M. Saad
Genome Announc., e01437-16, (2017)


Draft, Genome, Plant GrowthPromoting, Pseudomonas punonensis, Strain, D1-6 Isolated, Erodium, hirtum in Jordan


​Pseudomonas punonensis strain D1-6 was isolated from roots of the desert plant Erodium hirtum, near the Dead Sea in Jordan. The genome of strain D1-6 reveals several key plant growth–promoting and herbicide-resistance genes, indicating a possible specialized role for this endophyte.


DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01437-16


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