Datamining with Ontologies

R. Hoehndorf, G.V. Gkoutos, P.N. Schofield
Springer New York, Volume 1415 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology, pp. 385-397 , (2016)


Ontology, Semantic Web, Semantic similarity, Enrichment, Data integration, Graph algorithms, Automated reasoning, Web Ontology Language (OWL)


​The use of ontologies has increased rapidly over the past decade and they now provide a key component of most major databases in biology and biomedicine. Consequently, datamining over these databases benefits from considering the specific structure and content of ontologies, and several methods have been developed to use ontologies in datamining applications. Here, we discuss the principles of ontology structure, and datamining methods that rely on ontologies. The impact of these methods in the biological and biomedical sciences has been profound and is likely to increase as more datasets are becoming available using common, shared ontologies.





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