Draft Genome Sequence of Halomonas elongata Strain K4, an Endophytic Growth-Promoting Bacterium Enhancing Salinity Tolerance in Planta

F.F. Lafi, J. Ramirez-Prado, I. Alam, V.B. Bajic, H. Hirt, M. Saad
Genome Announc, vol. 4, no. 6, e01214-16, (2016)


Butea monosperma, Drought tolerant, Endophytes, Phosphate solubilization, Plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria, Whole genome sequencing


Halomonas elongata strain K4 is an endophytic bacterial strain that was isolated from roots of Cyperus conglomeratus collected at the Red Sea coast in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Here, we present a draft genome sequence of this strain, highlighting a number of pathways involved in plant growth promotion under salt stress.                  


DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01214-16                                 


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