Marine metagenomics as a source for bioprospecting

R. Kodzius, T. Gojobori
Mar Genomics Special Issue: StructureRegulationEvolution, 24, pp. 21-30, (2015)

Marine metagenomics as a source for bioprospecting


Microorganism; Producer; Bioprospecting; Metabolic engineering; Genetic engineering; Synthetic biology


​This review summarizes usage of genome-editing technologies for metagenomic studies; these studies are used to retrieve and modify valuable microorganisms for production, particularly in marine metagenomics. Organisms may be cultivable or uncultivable. Metagenomics is providing especially valuable information for uncultivable samples. The novel genes, pathways and genomes can be deducted. Therefore, metagenomics, particularly genome engineering and system biology, allows for the enhancement of biological and chemical producers and the creation of novel bioresources. With natural resources rapidly depleting, genomics may be an effective way to efficiently produce quantities of known and novel foods, livestock feed, fuels, pharmaceuticals and fine or bulk chemicals.


DOI: 10.1016/j.margen.2015.07.001


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