Human genome network platform: a resource for TFRN analysis

N. Monma, T. Gojobori, K. Ikeo
Methods Mol Biol., 1164, pp. 147-62, (2014)

Human genome network platform: a resource for TFRN analysis


Transcription factor, Gene expression, Microarray, PPI, CAGE, TSS, ChIPchip, Integrated database


​Genome Network Project (GNP) (Carninci et al., Science 309:1559–1563, 2005) Platform was developed as an integrated database, opening to the public the research findings within the GNP initiatives. Since the first release in 2006, it has gained a large amount of access from all over the world with public favor. The platform is unique and useful in that various types of experimental data for transcriptome analysis are intensively collected, organized, integrated, and visualized with major public datasets; and it can be freely accessed through a single interface with advanced search functionalities. This chapter describes the outline of GNP Platform, mainly elaborating on gene description model GNP Platform employed, major functionalities the platform provides, and a few examples of exploring the GNP Platform.


DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-0805-9_12


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