A novel hybrid publication recommendation system using compound information

Yang, Qiang Li, Zhixu Liu, An Liu, Guanfeng Zhao, Lei Zhang, Xiangliang Zhang, Min Zhou, Xiaofang
World Wide Web, (2019)


Publication, content-based, citation-based,


​Publication recommendation is an interesting but challenging research problem. Most existing studies only use partial information of papers’ contents, reference network or co-author relationship, which leads to an unsatisfied recommendation result. In this study, we propose a novel hybrid publication recommendation approach using compound information which retrieves top-K most relevant papers from a publication depository for a set of user input keywords. Our advantages comparing to the existing methods include: (1) Reaching a better recommendation results by taking the advantages of both content-based recommendation and citation-based recommendation and exploring much richer information of papers in one method; (2) Effectively solving the cold-start problem for new published papers by considering the vitality of papers and the impact factor of venues into the citation network; (3) Saving a large overhead in calculating the content-based similarity between papers and user input keywords by doing paper clustering based on the citation network. Extensive experiments on DBLP and Microsoft Academic datasets demonstrate that PubTeller improves the state-of-the-art methods with 4% in Precision and 4.5% in Recall.