Editorial: Plant and Cell Physiology’s 2016 Online Database Issue

H. Ohyanagi, T. Obayashi, K. Yano
Plant Cell Physiol., 57(1):1-3, (2016)


Genome Databases, Transcriptome Databases, Proteome Database, Phenome Databases, Multi-Omics Database


​We are pleased to present the sixth Database Issue of Plant and Cell Physiology (available at http://pcp.oxfordjournals.org/content/57/1.toc). In line with past issues (Matsuoka 2011, Matsuoka and Yano 2012, Obayashi and Yano 2013, Obayashi and Yano 2014, Ohyanagi et al. 2015), the 2016 issue provides a valuable online resource and forum for the discussion of novel bioinformatics approaches and online tools that will facilitate the handling and analysis of large, multifaceted biological data sets available for plant research. Genome and transcriptome (including non-coding transcript) databases allow management of the flood of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data typically associated with this big data era, and have been rapidly extended to cover a wide range of non-model plant species. Concomitantly, proteome and phenome databases have also been developed and, in some instances, the creation of more sophisticated, visionary databases for multi-omics integration has also been achieved. Here we briefly introduce the 12 databases that are featured in this special online issue according to the multiple layers of ‘omics’ information they provide.


DOI: 10.1093/pcp/pcv205


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