• One size does not fit all: an innovative analytical tool will help pave the way for tailor made health care

    May 24 2017 The need for better diagnostic tools have led Ph.D. student Imene Boudellioua, from the Bio-Ontology Research Group of the Computational Bioscience Research Center of KAUST, together with Dr. Adeeb Noor, IT Director of King Abdulaziz University Hospital and, Professor of Computer Science at King Abdulaziz University, to establish the startup GenomeFit, a computational tool intended to facilitate clinical decisions by providing diagnostic for the screening of genetic disorders and the analysis of drug effects on patients carrying genetic mutations. The startup was recently granted funding by TAQADAM University Startup Accelerator (KAUST) to further develop their service and their business model.
  • The Ph.D. Journey

    May 04 2017 For Ph.D. students Arturo Magana Mora, Haitham Ashoor and Olaa Motwalli, April 2017 was a particularly nerve-wracking month. After years of hard work and sleepless nights, they defended their theses, bringing them one step closer to graduation.
  • Algorithm scours datasets to diagnose medical mysteries

    May 03 2017 A new publication by Professor Robert Hoehndorf and Ph.D. student Imane Boudellioua from the Bio-Ontology Research Lab has been released. Titled "Semantic prioritization of novel causative genomic variants​", this study ​​showcases PhenomeNet Variant Predictor (PVP), a new tool they developed which has the potential to help patients find genetic causes for their undiagnosed diseases​.
  • CBRC participates in NATDP 2017

    Apr 26 2017 ​Five research groups from CBRC participated in this year's National Academic Talent Development Program (NATDP) Symposium on April 20.
  • Living and Working in KAUST as a VSRP or Visiting Student

    Apr 05 2017 CBRC professors hosted nine VS and VSRP students last year. Their length of stay ranged from three months to six months. If you are interested in working with CBRC faculty for short-term projects, visit the VSRP website or e-mail your inquiries directly to respective faculty.
  • A metagenomics hands-on training workshop using KAUST DMAP resource

    Apr 02 2017 Invited researchers took part in a DMAP workshop organized by CBRC in partnership with the Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) on March 28-30.
  • Advanced Python for Biologists workshop

    Mar 26 2017 Around 23 researchers and students from CBRC, BESE and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology took part in a five-day Advanced Python for Biologists workshop on March 19 to 23. The course was instructed by Dr. Martin Jones, author of Python for Biologists and Advanced Python for Biologists.
  • Research groups participate in CEMSE Big Data Open Day

    Mar 22 2017 ​The Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering (CEMSE) Division organized the CEMSE Big Data Open Day to highlight important research and discoveries related to Big Data. CBRC participated in the event by exhibiting different aspects of work done by each of the Center's principal investigators.
  • Professors discuss big data and human health in latest Sci-Café

    Mar 13 2017 Professors Takashi Gojobori, Xin Gao and Robert Hoehndorf spoke about big data and human health at the Sci-Café event held on February 27. Their talk, which was moderated by James Calvin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, aimed to answer the question, "Can Big Data Solve My Health Problems?" This event was open to all members of the KAUST community.
  • Dinner at the beach

    Mar 08 2017 In order to recognize their hard work and dedication, CBRC members and their families were invited to a barbecue dinner at South Beach on March 7.
  • Japanese institutes hold joint workshop with CBRC

    Mar 07 2017 A group of professors, researchers and students from Waseda Unviersity and ​AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Japan visited KAUST on March 1-2, 2017 for a joint workshop with CBRC.
  • Researching cancer through data mining and modeling

    Mar 07 2017 ​Professor Ying Xu, a Regents-Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Chair and professor of bioinformatics and computational biology at the University of Georgia, was invited by CBRC's Professor Xin Gao to present his research on cancer. Held yesterday, his talk, "At the Root, Cancer is Probably About Fighting to Maintain the Intracellular pH Stability:Cancer Research Through Data Mining and Modeling", was very lively and informative, eliciting many comments and questions from attendees.
  • CBRC contributes to “The genome of Chenopodium quinoa”

    Mar 01 2017 The groundbreaking research of Professor Mark Tester's group and fellow collaborators, "The genome of Chenopodium quinoa", published in Nature last month, revealed the first high- quality reference genome sequence for quinoa.
  • Umm Al-Qura University students visit CBRC labs

    Feb 23 2017 Graduate and undergraduate students of biology from Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca visted CBRC labs recently.
  • King Abdulaziz University students visit CBRC labs

    Feb 21 2017 Undergraduate students from the Male Section of the Faculty of Science of King Abdulaziz Unviersity in Jeddah visited CBRC labs recently.
  • Swedish delegation visits KAUST

    Feb 08 2017 ​A delegation from the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT), Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institute, Lund University and Uppsala University recently visited KAUST to explore possible collaborations and partnerships.
  • King Saud University students visit CBRC labs

    Feb 06 2017 Undergraduate and graduate students from within the College of Science at King Saud Unviversity in Riyadh visited CBRC Labs recently.
  • KAUST Research Conference: Computational Systems Biology in Biomedicine

    Dec 15 2016 KAUST Research Conference: Computational Systems Biology in Biomedicine​ was held on December 5-7, 2016.
  • Student Poster Competition Winners

    Dec 08 2016 We would like to congratulate the CBRC Poster Competition winners from KAUST Research Conference: Computational Systems Biology in Biomedicine.
  • CBRC goes to The KAUST School

    Nov 20 2016 CBRC Principal Research Scientist John Archer recently headed to The KAUST School on November 17, 2016 to present a talk to a group of high school students.
  • ​Join the Student Poster Competition

    Nov 01 2016 As part of our conference entitled, "KAUST Research Conference: Computational Systems Biology in Biomedicine" on December 5-7, 2016, CBRC will be hosting a student poster competition open to all KAUST students with research relevant to the conference title.
  • ​PhenomeNET method wins at Ontology matching workshop

    Oct 25 2016 CBRC congratulates Professor Robert Hoehndorf and Postdoctoral Fellow Miguel Angel Rodriguez Garcia for being one of the winners of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative challenge sponsored by Pistoia Alliance, presented in the Ontology Matching Workshop that is co-located with ISWC 2016 in Kobe, Japan. View the official announcement.
  • ​Science in Focus

    Oct 02 2016 Watch Science in Focus Journal Reviews at KAUST hosted by CBRC’s very own Professor Takashi Gojobori! From topics such as mouse phenotyping to seagrass adaptation, Science in Focus aims to present the most interesting and innovative research here at KAUST.
  • ECCB 2016 Tutorial

    Sep 07 2016 Professor Robert Hoehndorf and Ph.D. student Imene Boudellioua presented a tutorial entitled, "Bio-Ontologies and their Role in Analyzing Personal Genome Data" at the 15th European Coference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2016) on September 4, 2016.
  • ​CBRC Goes to Ofunato

    Aug 24 2016 Professor Vladimir Bajic, Professor Takashi Gojobori, Principal Research Scientist John Archer and Senior Research Scientist Katsuhiko Mineta have been invited to speak at the Ofunato International Workshop 2016 titled "Marine Metagenomics: Comparative Study among Different Marine Resources" on August 24-25, 2016. This is workshop is jointly organized by Kitasato University and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
  • ​Join the CBRC through the VSRP

    Aug 02 2016 The CBRC currently has two internship projects open to visiting students.
  • ​Follow Us on Social Media

    Jul 20 2016 Keep up with the latest CBRC news and announcements on our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • ​Prof. Xin Gao Promoted to Associate Professor

    Jul 01 2016 The CBRC congratulates Professor Xin Gao for his promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, effective as of today
  • New CBRC High Performance Computing Cluster Operational

    Jun 24 2016 A new high performance computing cluster is fully operational. The KAUST Dragon Cluster consists of 15,232 compute cores, 232 processing nodes with 128 GB per node, four AMD16-core 2.3GHz AMD 6376 processors per node, 64 cores per node and six large memory nodes with 512GB of memory per node. The total storage capacity of the system is 0.5 petabytes
  • ​CBRC Technical Specialist Dr. Ohyanagi Announces Call for Papers

    Jun 09 2016 Dr. Hajime Ohyanagi, Technical Specialist of the Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) and a Database Issue Editor of Plant & Cell Physiology (PCP), announces a call for papers for PCP’s 2017 Database Issue.
  • Translational Informatics Seminar

    May 29 2016 Dr. Jake Y. Chen is a professor and Chief Bioinformatics Officer of the newly established Informatics Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).
  • Python for Biologists Workshop

    May 29 2016 Martin Jones leads a 5-day workshop on Python for Biologists
  • Prof. Takashi Gojobori, co-editor of Gene - Marine Genomics issue

    Feb 01 2016 Thanks to the advancements of genetics and genomics in the last two decades, life science has made tremendous developments in the studies of genetic diversity and evolution of marine organisms. Journal Gene in the February 2016 issue, edited by Takashi Gojobori, Tokio Wada, Shugo Watabe, Nobuyuki Okamoto, and Giorgio Bernardi is covering the latest development in this field.
  • Student Poster Competition in Big Data Applications in Life Sciences

    Dec 01 2015 The Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) will cover travel and accommodation for the six students to attend and exhibit their posters at the KAUST Research Conference on Computational and Experimental Interfaces of Big Data and Biotechnology, 25-27 January 2016 in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. The closing date for the competition is 15 December 2015.
  • Big Data and Biotechnology Conference

    Dec 01 2015 KAUST Research Conference on Computational and experimental interfaces of Big Data and Biotechnology 25 – 27 January 2016.
  • Prof. Vladimir Bajic, Guest Co-editor of the GBP special issue

    Oct 01 2015 The 5th issue of GPB in 2015——Metagenomics of Marine Environments special issue has been formally published.
  • ​EMBO announces new members for 2015

    May 20 2015 Heidelberg, 20 May 2015 – European Molecular Biology Organization today announced that 58 outstanding researchers in the life sciences were elected to its membership
  • ​Photron SA-Z High-Speed Camera Available at CBRC for Research at KAUST

    May 16 2015 The latest and most advanced high speed camera has become operational at CBRC`s Comparative Genomics and Genetics Laboratory.