Research Interests

Currently I am working as a research specialist/lab manager for Professor Gojobori Takashi in the computational biosciences research center at KAUST. My main interest is in microbial genomics, from multiple aspects. I am actively engaged in the Antimicrobial drug resistance (AMR) research trying to bridge the gap of observed resistance phenotypes and the underlying genetic mechanism. My focus is on gram positive bacteria in specific, methcillin-restatant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus Sp. My work on genomics is crossing roads with computational analysis of such genomics data in order to promote more use of generated data.

Discovering environmental niches, using whole genome shogun technique and 16S ribosomal RNA based microbial community characterization is a core skill in our research.  I am interested in understanding the diverse microbial functions in a given environment. My work with oil related microbial investigations when I used to characterize microbes isolated from oil industry by sequencing. I've spent some time working with crude oil microbiology, and metagenomics for multiple applications.

The computation analysis of biological data with Saudi Arabia is becoming a very demanding field. I am on active track on developing young generations of computer scientists to find biological problems interesting. 

Education Profile

  • MSc, Structural Molecular biology, Birkbeck University of London, United Kingdom, 2017
  • BSc, Microbiology, King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia 2005

Professional Profile

  • Research Specialist CBRC, KAUST, Thuwal — 2013-present
  • Research Technical BCL, KAUST, Thuwal — 2010-2014

  • Medical Tech II, KAIMRC, NGHA, Riyadh — 2009-2010
  • Assistant Scientific Researcher, NRERI, KACST, Riyadh — 2007-2009


​Employee of the year 2008, Natural resources and environment research institute, (NRERI), KACST, Riyadh.

KAUST Affiliations