Research Interests

My work focusses on Microbial genomics of biofilms and extreme environments. I studying biofilm formation of different environments, for health and industry. Metagenomics of some environments from timeline based studies shed light on the microbial dynamics of some niches. My work extends to some research specific experimentation in term of genomics and proteomics advanced experiments design. Finally, I like to understand the big microbial picture computationally and to be able to visualize and find trends and patterns in the complex image. Secretion system of bacterial fascinate me, in specific the type IV secretion machinery. Looking for new means of DNA transfer using such systems is quite interesting for me.

Education Profile

  • MSc, Structural Molecular biology, Birkbeck University of London, United Kingdom, 2017
  • BSc, Microbiology, King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia 2005

Professional Profile

  • Research Specialist CBRC, KAUST, Thuwal — 2013-present
  • Research Technical BCL, KAUST, Thuwal — 2010-2014

  • Medical Tech II, KAIMRC, NGHA, Riyadh — 2009-2010
  • Assistant Scientific Researcher, NRERI, KACST, Riyadh — 2007-2009


​Employee of the year 2008, Natural resources and environment research institute, (NRERI), KACST, Riyadh.

KAUST Affiliations